Pool Safety Covers

There’s a reason they’re called Safety covers.

Over the last 22 years we have closed and covered countless pools as winter approached. In the “early days” almost everyone used a tarp type cover and water tubes to cover their pools. These covers, although relatively inexpensive to purchase (initially), are a maintenance nightmare and as a parent (and now as a grandparent) they scare me to death. Every time I installed one of these covers I prayed that a child would not find their way onto that cover. Imagine a child or a beloved pet stepping onto what they thought was a solid surface and being plunged into 45 degree water with a tarp wrapping them up as they fall into the water.


From an aesthetic standpoint no matter how neatly we install them they collect water and debris through the winter and look awful. Stories of homeowners and service companies dumping green water and rotten leaves into their pool at opening time are all too common.

Fortunately, very substantial, easy to handle high density, high quality mesh safety covers are becoming more and more common. These covers are secured to the deck by retractable anchors, stretch tightly across the pool and, properly installed, make it almost impossible for a child or animal to fall into the pool. My dogs routinely walk on mine and I have seen children play on these covers (I don’t recommend this!). In my hometown a friend had a horse get on his pool. The horse’s hooves punched through but his body was supported by the cover. He was unharmed. The pool and cover suffered a relatively small amount of damage.


These covers look neat on the pool. Water goes though the cover so the surface stays dry. Leaves can easily be blown off the cover.

You may want to upgrade to a quality safety cover. We are pleased to offer CoverStar safety covers. Quality construction, great service –made here in Georgia. Contact us for more information.

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